Members have received a letter from the two WSRA Vice Chairmen concerning the EGM on 10 May at Bishops Lydeard Village Hall.

The letter rightly outlines some of the positives won by the current Trustees. Such as improvements to the Quantock Belle, the opportunities offered by the Inspection Saloon and the progress with 4561 (which will be needed by the WSR in the coming years) and we believe those positives should be applauded.

And it is true that how the Reform Group’s vision will be achieved is not stated. We guess that will be left to the “review”.

But WSRA+ is more concerned with bringing new information to members and also offering a different slant on existing information.

So, let’s look deeper at the letter from the Vice Chairman.

We note the Vice Chairmen point out that all current Trustees volunteer their time for “WSRA and railway activities” which may well be true. But then we are told that none of the named members of the Reform Group volunteer any of their time for WSRA activities, which may also be true. But given all of the named members give their time to “the railway”,  is the last point that really relevant?

In the same paragraph, we are told the Reform Group want to gain control. But how can that happen? Only the Trustees can control the WSRA and not one of the EGM resolutions will change that.

Sadly, the letter continues with “the personal”. Trustee Ian Coleby is, again, in the firing line and we are told a little more about him. Is it co-incidental that only at this hour the Chairman and Vice Chairman have chosen to publicly denounce one of their own Trustees? Why now? Surely a bad egg was a bad egg all those months ago? What if Ian Coleby is to be one of those Trustees who has to stand down this year and stand again for re-election? Will we see two canvassing messages from the Trustees, one singing the praises of the other “re-electee” Trustee, and one criticising Ian Coleby? And yet in his condemnation of Ian Coleby (see WSRA website) the Chairman talks much about “collective responsibility”. Pah.

So, with the personal attacks on three of the Reform Group and now a Trustee, it seems the WSRA membership knows more about the WSR history of these individuals than they do about Roger Bush.

Perhaps the Chairman and Vice Chairmen would care to reply, here or anywhere, and spell out the full history, warts and all, of Roger Bush’s involvement with the WSRA? Just so we can better judge the Trustees performance.

Or is WSRA+ getting too personal…