In the covering letter accompanying the recent papers about the Extraordinary General Meeting, the Company Secretary (on behalf of the Trustees) states the Trustees offered “two of their [the reform group] supporters the opportunity for immediate co-option as Trustees on the WSRA Board.” [we discussed another angle on this part of the letter in “The EGM: comment no 1” below].

Who are the two people the Company Secretary has is mind?

We have discovered that Mike Sherwood was one of the two. Mike is a well known supporter of the Reform Group and Mike comments here on WSRA+ from time to time.

We now know the Company Secretary says the second person is Steve Edge, a co-author of the WSRA+ articles. How wrong to suggest Steve is a member of the Reform Group. He has been in constant debate with the Reform Group who know that Steve does not approve of the EGM approach nor does he support the resolutions.

Apparently, according to advice given by the Company Secretary to the Trustees, Steve must be a supporter of the Reform Group because he has been seen (by the Company Secretary) at several of their meetings.

Well, Steve has indeed been along to two Reform Group meetings. To observe and listen. And, in the case of the last one, to listen to the WSRA Q&A session. By concidence, Steve noticed the Company Secretary and a Trustee at the last meeting. Does that make them supporters of the Reform Group? We don’t think so.

When considering the evidence before voting on the EGM resolutions, members might wish to consider the quality of the advice given by the Company Secretary to the Trustees and thus to the membership.