The Chairman challenges allegations about “so-called irregularities concerning Trustee elections” but does not address the issue of the additional mailing afforded to the three re-electees in 2014 (this is mentioned in “The EGM: comment no 2” below).

Members might recall the 2014 AGM proxy form omitted the name of one of the Trustee candidates. This led to a re-issue of the form.

The three re-electees (existing Trustees) took advantage of the extra mailing by producing a further canvassing letter for themselves, a letter carrying a WSRA masthead, which was included in the mailing from the WSRA.

Other candidates were not invited to participate. No attempt was made to alert other candidates to the opportunity.

This clearly shows the WSRA management, using WSRA resources, gave the three re-electees an unfair advantage over other candidates.
We ask members to consider if they are happy with the WSRA management’s biased tactics and with the lack of explanation by the WSRA Chairman.