The Reform Group’s second concern is “Support for the Railway”. Apart from a confusing comparison between “capital” and “funds”, the Group vaguely state “Several volunteer groups now undertake projects that the WSRA used to deliver. Why?” Members might ask what those volunteer groups are and what are the projects.

The third concern is “Relations with the WSR Plc”. Members might be puzzled about what was in the Company’s 2012 statement that appeared in Online – a monthly newsletter that is not, as the Reform Groups claim, private for “paid and volunteer staff”  but is available to members of the Friends of the West Somerset Railway (whose members do not have to be paid or volunteer staff) and it is also available by email on request to the Plc. The Reform Group go on to criticise the WSRA for replying on public websites. Members might question why the Reform Group reckon the Plc can make a public statement but not the WSRA?

The third concern also asks if members know about the “mediation group” that has for some time now worked with both Plc and WSRA on certain commercial issues. We agree that members might not know about this group. Members might also consider if the creation and work of such a group is a good thing for the railway or a bad thing, and furthermore does it matter if members were not informed about this group?

Just to remind folks – all we are doing here is jotting down some comments about the EGM statements by the WSRA and the Reform Group and suggesting a few things for members to consider before voting.