Advice on completing your proxy form

For members not attending the EGM, the proxy form is the way to register your decision on each resolution. We suggest members do the following:

  • Fill in your name(s), address and membership number(s)
  • Put a line through the words “the* chairman of the meeting or failing *him or her” so it looks like this:  the* chairman of the meeting or failing *him or her
  • After the word “substitute”, add the name and address of your proxy
  • Mark your decision with a tick or cross in one of the For, Against or Abstain columns against each resolution –  a single tick or cross against each resolution for single members, two ticks or crosses for joint members.
  • Sign and date the form at the bottom (both signatures for joint members if both are voting)
  • If you can, make a photocopy of the completed form. Or scan it. Or photograph it.  Make sure your proxy has a copy.
  • Then put the completed, original form in a fresh envelope, address it to the registered office at
    “West Somerset Railway Association, The Railway Station, Bishops Lydeard, Taunton TA4 3BX”.
  • Add a first class stamp and post the letter to ensure it arrives before 2pm Friday 8 May 2015.
    (Do not use the pre-paid envelope – it has an error in the printed address and there is a risk your proxy form may not be received by 2pm Friday 8 May 2015.)

Special note for Joint memberships and adults on Family memberships – don’t forget to add a second tick or cross against each resolution and don’t forget the form will need two signatures.

Finally – the decision is yours. Your proxy must follow your instructions. So please make sure you put a tick or cross against each resolution.