WSRA members are now receiving papers about a General Meeting for Sunday 10 May 2015 at Bishops Lydeard Village Hall at 2pm.

The membership is asked to decide on five resolutions brought by a group of members – the reform group – who desire significant changes.

In the covering letter to members, the Company Secretary (on behalf of the Trustees) suggests “two of their [the reform group] supporters the opportunity for immediate co-option as Trustees on the WSRA Board.”

How can this be?

Article 13.1 states the Trustee Board can have no less than six Trustees and no more then ten Trustees; but, according to Companies House, there have been a full house of tenTrustees (also known as Directors)  since the AGM in July 2014 with only one resignation (Companies House says Chris Walters resigned on 29 March 2015). We do not believe the offers of co-option were made since the resignation of Chris Walters, and even then, the Trustees could only offer co-option to one new Trustee, not two.

Unless someone can put us right, it seems so the comment in the covering letter is wrong.

But there’s more…

The Proxy Form, too, carries an error. It would seem the WSRA does not know the name of one of its Trustees.

We are disappointed to see these errors and must therefore advise members to check all the papers for errors before deciding which way to vote.