The Trustees of the Association issued a news item on the WSRA website on 16 April 2015 titled “Potential call for General Meeting”.

Members should be aware that it is not “potential” but actually happening.

As previously noted on WSRA+, on 8 April 2015 the Association were presented with a formal request for a general meeting to decide on five specific resolutions, properly backed by well over the required 5% of the membership,and in line with the Association’s Articles, it is a request which must be followed through.

The news item also suggests the request will be presented “later on this month”. Not so. Members will note the request was presented, and accepted, on 8 April 2015.

And towards the end of the news item, the Association state “Should this group wish to proceed with the general meeting”. Not so, The process began on 8 April 2015.

The news item has a link to a press release form the Associaiton.

However, the news item is absolutely right to say “it will now be up to the membership to decide with the full facts”. We could not agree more. Let’s now have the “full facts” presented to the membership in clear, plain English. From both the “reformers” and the Association.

Many use the term “extraordinary general meeting” (EGM) to differentiate an ad-hoc general meeting from the general meeting held every year as required by law which is popularly known as the “annual general meeting” (AGM).

Like most folks we will use EGM and AGM as appropriate.

Link to the reform group’s request for a general meeting of 8 April 2015.

Link to the WSRA news item.

Link to the WSRA press release.

Link to “words by WSRA made on 8 April 2015” (please note this not an official WSRA document but words provided to the unofficial WSR website to use as required)

Link to the reform group’s response to the WSRA’s press release.