We might be reading too much into the silence of the Trustees. But the quiet is leading to questions and comments coming in from WSRA members.

The WSRA membership might wonder why the WSRA Board of Trustees made no comment to the membership in the days following the result of the inquiry into the conduct of Councillor Huxtable during the now-cancelled sale of the freehold of the West Somerset Railway in which the WSRA was a central player.

The membership might also wonder why the WSRA Board of Trustees declined the BBC’s invitation to participate in the recent “Inside Out” programme which featured the same “Huxtable” issues.

The membership might also wonder why, as evident in the minutes of the Partnership Development Group, the WSRA chairman insisted on there being no discussion about the freehold.

Some members have speculated that the WSRA Board of Trustees have signed some kind of non-disclosure agreement with one or more of the other players within the freehold bid.

Perhaps it is not possible for the WSRA Board of Trustees to make any utterance about the freehold without the express and prior agreement of someone outside the WSRA.

Given Somerset County Council say the freehold sale is off the menu for the time being, the membership might wonder why any confidentiality clause or gagging agreement would remain in place.

Have the Trustees signed any kind of confidentiality agreement on the subject of the freehold?

Or is it all just in the minds of some concerned WSRA members?

The membership deserve answers.

We sincerely hope the Trustees will respond and put our minds at rest.

But it might be pointless to ask questions if the WSRA Board of Trustees has allowed itself to be gagged…