So now we know…

The WSRA membership may not be aware that their trustees have, for the last two and a half years, been undertaking a review of all aspects of the WSRA. The admission was made by a trustee during a recent public meeting of some WSRA members who are working to bring about change at the WSRA. With the news of the review now in the public domain, we feel we are now free to discuss it here.

Some knew a while ago…

The existence of the review first came to light to us at WSRA+ in September 2014 in an email from a trustee which stated “We [WSRA] have been (and continue so to do ) regularly reviewing all aspects of the Association for the past two years.  I [the trustee writing the email] am currently charged with examining the structure of both the Association and Promotions to ensure we are fit for future operations.”

Two days later, a further email from the same trustee stated  “The WSRA management are “half way through a complete review of the whole function of the Association, including the Articles of Association, which began some two years ago. It is not an easy task as it could affect peoples’ lives and aspirations.  You will appreciate that no-one conducts that level of review in the public eye.”

Responsibility to consult…

At the recent “reformers” meeting, a second WSRA representative added that “We have a lot of responsibility to consult with our members.” This is a fine statement – except that, to the best of our knowledge, no consultations have yet taken place with the membership who quite possibly remain totally unaware of the review.

Tom, Dick and Harry – but not the membership

The same meeting heard that the review is being carried out by a mixture of trustees and external advisers, and anyone else “as we need to”. But not the membership, it seems.

Has an agreed part of the review been implemented?

We know, from an email from a trustee, that the review of one aspect of the WSRA has been completed and agreed changes put to the affected team within the WSRA. But no consultation before or after with the membership.

But what kind of review is it?

  • On the one hand, perhaps the “review” is no more than a series of unconnected and unaccordinated reviews of parts of the WSRA’s business – simply the kind of continuous review that any good manager would be doing anyway without needing to bother the membership.
  • On the other hand, a “review” into “all aspects of the WSRA”, however, suggests a comprehensive operation which surely at some point requires input from the membership.

When do we get a say?

WSRA members might wish to consider if the responsibility to consult with the membership, as stated above, has been properly carried out in any aspect of the WSRA’s ongoing review.