We have it on good authority that one of the trustees tendered his resignation in September. He hasn’t attended any meetings since. But the trustees have failed to acknowledge his resignation and even go so far as to list that person in the very latest Journal (no 148 issued on 22 January 2015). Why? This is a fairly basic matter and yet for some reason the trustees wish the members to believe that person is still a trustee and quite blatantly mislead the membership. Members will make their own minds up about this.

Added 27 Jan 2015: We also note the lack of mention of trustees David Smart and Chris Walters on the list of trustees published in Journal no 148. So are these two people no longer trustees? We now have a potentially farcical situation where the Journal reckons one person long-resigned as a trustee remains listed, yet two other trustees are not listed. Members may wish to check this with the WSRA.