The new WSRA website was launched on 2 January 2015. It was far from complete. Since then pages have been updated at a very slow rate. One news item added. And still no online membership facility. We gather the WSRA has stated all will be in place by the end of January. We shall see.

WSRA members may be puzzled. Why has it taken so long to create, test and commission the new website. It is on record that the previous website would continue to be managed by the previous web manager on a care and maintenance basis from early September to the end of the year, following the resignation of that web manager. Looking at the creation date of some of the new pages, we know the new contractors made a start on the new website in October but it wasn’t until early December that the request for the transfer of the domain ( was made, when we understood “all was ready”. Sadly it wasn’t. Some of it but not all.

This project tends to show lack of realisation, poor planning, indifference and lack of concern for what is a major communication tool for the WSRA and its members.

Members may wonder why their website is less functional than before.

UPDATE: 14 Feb 2015 We are pleased to see WSR Association online membership application/renewal now available once again at