On 24 September the WSRA website carried this message:

“As promised at the AGM, the WSRA Trustees have organised two membership consultation sessions:

    Tuesday, 14 Oct at Ash Priors Village Hall at 6:30 p.m. [click for Streetview]
    Saturday, 1 Nov at Bishops Lydeard Village Hall at 10:30 a.m. [click for Streetview]

Members can submit specific questions in advance to the WSRA Company Secretary at manager@wsra.org.uk, or to The Company Secretary, Brunel House, Bishops Lydeard, TA4 3RU, or just turn up at either of the sessions. The Trustees look forward to a positive and constructive meeting. Members should bring membership cards.

Susan J. Kaufman”

which is a fine piece of communication. The 1 November meeting (but not the 14 October one) was also mentioned on p33 of Journal no 147 (published 7 October 2014). What is sadly missing is, as far as we can tell, any mention of these meetings in the Journal (no 148) published in late January 2015. So it is likely the general membership is unaware these meetings were held, let alone who from the WSRA attended, how many members, what questions were asked, and what were the outcomes.