No public anouncement was made, as far as we can tell, of a series of three meetings in early September 2014.

The “by invitation” meetings were on 4th, 8th and 9th September, and were held in the Inspection Saloon.

The invitation is reported to state “The Trustees have agreed to re-double their efforts at communicating with members. Three special invitation-only consultation sessions have been scheduled …”

One invitee posted a message on the National Preservation forum: “Mine came in the course of an e-mail message some days ago. It mentioned about the chance to ‘express your views on a one-to-one basis directly to the Trustees.‘” and after declining the invitation due to distance and times, the posting added this quote from the WSRA “The Trustees set this up because they genuinely want to hear the reasons why some members have asked all of the Trustees to resign. They believe that face-to-face discussions will help clear up any areas of miscommunication, and that some suggestions may come out of the sessions that will facilitate the general session on 1 Nov. In any healthy organisation there needs to be a mechanism to cope with differences of opinion.”

Although we note p33 of Journal no 147 refers to the WSRA inviting “those who oppose them” to attend face-to-face sessions, and that 12 of the 33 invitees accepted, we assume the general membership remain unaware of these three meetings. It has not been made clear on what basis the WSRA decided to invite those particular members, other than they “oppose” the trustees.

Hopefully we can add further details about these meetings to the WSRA+ blog.